Art, Talent, Skill and Innovation: the 2016 MCA Excellence in Brick & Blocklaying Winner embodies of all of these qualities.

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Project of the Year: Knox Grammar School, ‘Southern Cross Masonry Contractors’

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Overall Award Winner: ‘Southern Cross Masonry Contractors’, Knox Grammar School

Projects were reviewed and judged anonymously by a distinguished jury of brick and blocklaying professionals. Consideration was given to the overall quality and use of masonry, as well as the technical aspects. The winning project showed superiority in technical ability, quality, passion and skill.


Supplier & Supporter: Austral ‘Bowral’ Bricks

job 17 cat 3 photo 3

‘Southern Cross Masonry Contractors’ Project of the Year & Overall winner of the 2016 Masonry Contractors Australia Awards.

Masonry Contractors Australia congratulates Tony’s team & staff at ‘Southern Cross Masonry’ for their achievements, innovation and quality produced in the Australian Brick & Blocklaying Industry.

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  • Greg Todman

    Hi Trent,

    So good to see the skill and the art of Bricklaying is still very much alive – magic work

  • David O'Sullivan

    Congratulations to all involved in this project, the designers for specifying a product that has proved it’s durability and worth over centuries and the craftsmen who have produced a finished job which will stand as a testament to their craft for many years to come. Hopefully we will see many more projects embrace this timeless building material.

  • Lalzaib

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