How many times do we have to remind Bricklayers to clean their Expansion Joints!

  • No Mortar must bridge across
  • Clean expansion joints as soon as you complete that section of wall.
  • And before you say I Do, I Do, I always DO, then why Do I find expansion joints uncleaned!
  • If you need an eyesight check please ask.
  • If you think a wall has been completed for FREE by another team that is not employed by us then also let me know, and I will clean the joint for FREE.
  • It is the responsibility of all workers on site, we work as a team.
  • I will not include this basic task in every toolbox meeting when it is a standard workmanship of every Bricklayer.

It doesn’t matter if you are not a bricklayer, if you see a joint has not been cleaned correctly then politely ask a bricklayer to complete.

Bricklaying Foremen: Angelo P.

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