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Contact: Frank Mastronardo

Phone: 02 8076 5430


Address: Unit 16 / 56 Buffalo Road, Gladesville NSW, 2111

Expertise: Commercial, Residential & Industrial Contractors

Member Since: 1995


AFM Masonry  was established with the specific aim to provide high quality masonry services in Sydney. With over 25 years of experience, we have gained the vital insight & knowledge needed for the unique requirements of building within Sydney.The success of AFM Masonry is based on our adherence to quality work processes and the expertise of our longstanding teams.

These two factors ensure that all milestones are achieved, communication between all parties is maintained, and responsibilities for performance are clearly defined. We offer a comprehensive range of masonry works and our specialised staffs have been working with AFM Masonry helping us to meet our aims of high quality workmanship with superior customer service and our Clients enjoy working with us on their projects because they know the work will be tightly controlled and coordinated to minimize the time on site.

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