General Meeting presentation from Concrete Masonry Association of Australia & CBUS


Civil engineer Jake Ring Guest with Think Brick and CMAA will provide a non-technical talk on a recent piece of CMAA funded research who’s outcome’s are extremely positive for the industry.

  • The research was on investigating the effectiveness of the vertical steel in reinforced masonry under compression.
  • What was found from the testing was that both unreinforced and reinforced masonry walls are actually a lot stronger, almost double actually, than what the current masonry design standard AS 3700 provides.
  • What this means is that when engineers and the like are designing walls and comparing the strength’s of material’s they can choose, masonry will be much more competitive then previous.
  • More detail on how the research came about and some of the key findings including technical engineering related enquiries.



Tim Waterson discuss changes to superannuation reporting commencing from  1 July 2018.

Time: 6pm

Date: 20 June

Venue: CBUS Boardroom

Level 25

44 Market Street


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