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Tradesman struggling with debt commits suicide after builder fails to pay $100,000 – as his mother warns blue-collar mental health issues ‘will only get worse’.


Brodan Aylott was a tradie who took his own life on Mother’s Day this year.

Mr Aylott was owed more than $100,000 by a Sydney builder at the time of his death, and was so determined to keep paying his staff and attempt to deal with his crippling debt that he kept working despite breaking his collarbone.

‘I think it was such a large amount and so much money he was owing to his workers and debts that he just felt there was no way out,’ Ms Robertson told A Current Affair.

See full story & video below:


  • Very Sad. Hits close to home.

  • Grant says:

    It is so so very sad that you can get to that point in life where the only way out seems to be this… very tragic. If you have a broken arm or leg, you would go to the doctor no hesitation so why is mental health seen with such stigma. Just because you may look like everything is fine, it may not be. May Brodan RIP free from his pain and worry and if anything positive can come of this, may it be to help others learn from it and get help before it’s too late. It ain’t weak to speak !!!