The attached documents (Fact Sheets 9 & 14) were prepared a number of years ago by the SSROC (Southern Sydney Region of Councils) and covers off Protected Wash Areas and Sediment Control and what role they both play on compliant building sites. Both have been around for a while as you can see the protected wash area suggests using hay bales in inner Sydney which is simply not practical. And the fines are now certainly more than $750.00.

This highlights the problem… poor (outdated) guidelines for builders and their contractors simply don’t encourage ‘best practice’ on building sites. The ability to ‘catch and detain waste waters’ has changed and is now enabled by new methods (like a filter system) which are available to industry. Such changes now need to be included in NEW and significantly improved guidelines, which should be available to the MCA and MBA membership.

A ‘protected wash area’ as part of a site sediment control plan is now available. It’s an orange, portable, efficient and cost effective filter system that provides builders and contractors with the required sediment control while demonstrating compliance with local environmental requirements.

Fact Sheet 9 Download

Factsheet 14 Download

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