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Tax cuts for every taxpayer from 1 July

With changes to tax rates and thresholds starting next month, all 13.6 million Australian taxpayers can look forward to keeping more of what they earn each payday.

If you’re an employer, you need to understand the changes so you can work out how much more to pay your workers, and how much less to withhold for tax purposes.

To make sure you’ll be ready on 1 July, visit the ATO website to check you have the correct PAYG withholding tax table.

To see how much less income tax you’ll be paying, use the ATO tax cut calculator.

Workplace law changes on the way

Important new workplace laws have been introduced to the Fair Work Act which are coming into effect soon.

The most urgent changes relate to:

If you have employees it’s vital you stay informed about these changes, and understand how they might affect your workplace.

Make sure it’s the safe way or ‘no way’

Together, employers and workers need to say ‘no way’ to taking risks to get a job done quicker.

From working at heights or operating machinery to delivering food, you can take action to prevent workplace injuries.

There are tools and resources you can access to help create a safer workplace.

Learn to do an Acknowledgement of Country

TAFE NSW is offering a course that will help you and your team learn how to deliver an Acknowledgement of Country with confidence and respect.

You’ll also learn how to deliver an Acknowledgement specific to your local area.


Contact a Service NSW Business Concierge to get support

Call 13 77 88 Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.

For interpreter services, call 13 14 50 and ask the interpreter to call 13 77 88.