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Masonry Contractors Australia aims to provide a united and collaborative voice for the Masonry Industry within the Australian Building & Construction Industry, with a view to enhancing the professional status of our Members.

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Dedicated to improving the quality, reliability and integrity of the masonry industry.

The Masonry Contractors Australia (MCA), although an autonomous organisation, is also a special contractor group of the Master Builders Association of NSW (MBA NSW). Master Builders’ membership fees are paid separately by MCA members. This allows advice on industrial relations matters affecting construction and advice on application of the various regulations covering the industry. In addition, up-to-date notice is given on workers compensation requirements, superannuation obligations, work, health and safety, payroll tax and all other matters concerning the building and construction industry.

You may run a crew of 100 bricklayers or 1 we are here for you, to let you know you are not alone and to give you confidence that the noble traditional occupation that you have chosen is alive and well, and if we have anything to say in the matter for the next 100 years or more. Likewise if you are a bricklayer looking for work or about to move to a new city state or country contact us and we will put you in touch with reputable employers who are always looking for quality tradesmen.

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Joining the MCA opens the doors to you and your business to experience support, promotion, information and acknowledgement by your peers and the construction industry. Major contractors recognise the reputation of Masonry Contractors Australia in the construction industry and being a member we provide support and advice to assist members operating their businesses.

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