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Businesses: There are more businesses in building and construction than any other industry, with 99% of Australian businesses small & family owned.

Jobs: We directly employ over 1 in every 10 workers, more than 1.1 million people and is forecast to need more in the future

Skills: We train more than 80,000 new tradies each year.

Careers: Average wages in construction exceed $100,000 per year with more full-time jobs than any other industry.

Economy: We are the second largest industry in the economy at almost 9% of GDP.

Tax: We contribute over $75 billion in taxes every year, which is almost 17% of the total.

Wages: We pay more than 1/4 of the total amount of wages paid to all workers.

Extra Jobs: We support over 1.5 million other workers through flow-on activity.

Communities: We help the community deliver hospitals, schools, roads and public infrastructure worth over $80 billion each year

Regions: We drive and support the needs of regional communities by ensuring they have the vital roads and infrastructure to thrive and grow.

Productive Workplaces: We are leaders in developing cooperative, productive and lawful workplaces.

Healthy & Safe Workforce: Over the last decade we’ve improved safety records and taken the lead in finding industry driven solutions to emerging challenges.