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With new government compliance pressure, engineers, builders and their bricklayer sub-contractors are in the firing line to prove build quality on medium and high-density projects. MET Masonry Product and Service Supplier CEO, Jason Furness, explains what needs to be done and ways to safeguard your business.

When the Opal Tower disaster first grabbed headlines in 2018, the Building Industry was thrust into the spotlight with a legislative overhaul that has reverberated into a barrage of new compliance demands.

The effect is that every stage of any medium and high-density development needs to be checked and double checked with no room to diverge from engineered plans. Build processes have incurred more scrutiny, as much as documenting the materials used at every stage of the build.

Bricklayers protect themselves with performance assured materials.

Bricklayers have more eyes on their job than ever before. Where there used to be more freedom to swap in materials to accommodate costs and efficiencies, bricklayers must now prove their materials comply with the strict rules.

“The workmanship and conformance to standards of brick and blockwork are one of the areas under increasing scrutiny. Pulling down and replacing non-conforming and substandard work is guaranteed to be expensive, time consuming, and the source of commercial friction amongst the project managers and contractors. No one wins by doing the work twice.” Jason Furness, CEO of Masonry Supplier, MET.

Masonry Product and Service Supplier, MET, have a complete range of commercial grade brick ties for usage in all environments and all wind loadings. MET can provide engineering support to help you select the correct brick tie for your project.

It is much better to involve us at the design stage, and certainly before you submit a tender price to avoid the commercial downside of undercooking your quote.

This Aussie innovation was developed in response to the Newcastle Earthquake and has earned its leading position as the most trusted brick expansion tie in the Australian medium and high-density market.

By insisting that plans certify MET brick ties, the bricklayer can protect their business from future challenges to their build quality.



of 200+ products, seven product types complete this range:

  • Builders Straps
  • Cavity Ties
  • Vertical Expansion Joint Ties
  • Head Restraint Ties
  • Column Expansion Ties
  • Cavity Expansion Ties
  • Roof Hold Down Straps


Builders and bricklayers reap reward with more on-site support.

Supply chain management is ever critical for the builder. Bricklayer sub-contractors need to demonstrate to the builder they are working with suppliers that have delivery scheduling and timing taken care of and detailed support.

Unlike the big hardware stores, MET offer a complimentary support service to back up our full suite of masonry products. Our commercially smart sales support team can come to site to deliver our range. Bricklayers don’t have to leave to pick up materials. That face-to-face helps smooth out the build process, with all questions answered easily.

Documentation control is more rigorous for every stage of the build.

The MET difference is the ability to protect against the most common cause of warranty claims in medium and high-density developments.

Engineers, builders and bricklayers now need to be sure they’re using those products that can prove capability with all the right paperwork. There is relief when products can meet a strict compliance records regime.

MET Masonry Products and Service is a proud sponsor of Masonry Contractors Australia.

For more information about MET Masonry Products and Service, which operate within the TEXO suite of building materials brands, ask for CEO Jason Furness by mentioning this article. 1300 00TEXO (8396) or email or visit