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Trading Up:  Why fears over Brickworks’

‘Brick-xit’ are bad news for Western Australia

There are growing concerns that the construction crisis engulfing WA could claim another high-profile victim.

Brickworks, Australia’s biggest brick maker, has revealed it lost a whopping $32 million in WA and is now considering exiting the State in a “Brick-xit”.

This latest blow to the industry comes after several building companies – including Probuild, Pindan, Jaxon Construction, Firm Construction, Hamlen Homes and New Sensation Homes – folded in recent months blaming issues including the soaring cost of materials and scarce labour.

“Considering 90 per cent of new houses in WA are built with brick, a Brick-xit by Brickworks could be a big problem for WA’s housing market,” says Grafa’s Sarah Hughan on the latest episode of The West Australian’s finance show Trading Up.

Could this be another brick in the fall of a once flourishing industry?  Let’s hope not.

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