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The Hard Work Knows No Gender campaign aims to promote the benefits of greater gender diversity in construction to employers and construction site workers. Our campaign slogan is Hard Work Knows No Gender because construction is about people working together to get the job done.

Women currently make up just 12% of the construction industry in Australia. Employing more women into trade, non- traditional, and management roles such as plumbing, electrics, carpentry, engineering and project management is key to addressing the cultural concerns in the industry and the nationwide shortage of skilled labour.

Studies have shown the benefits to employing more women in construction include:

  • decreased aggressive behaviour and bullying onsite
  • improved attention to detail at work
  • improved communication
  • promoting different perspectives and ideas
  • less accidents and injuries.

The gender diversity awareness campaign is one of several initiative being delivered by the NSW Government to address gender disparity in construction through the Women in Construction Program. To learn more, please visit the Women in Construction website.

Download the Women in Construction Gender Diversity Awareness Campaign e-toolkit here.